Cambridge Analytica

Data-driven behavior change

Better audience targeting

Communication has changed. Blanket advertizing no longer provides viable ROI for every campaign. Big data revolutionized the way organizations identify and locate their best prospects. But data alone isn�t enough. Cambridge Analytica is building a future where every individual can have a truly personal relationship with their favorite brands and causes by showing organizations not just where people are, but what they really care about and what drives their behavior.

Powered by smarter data modeling

At Cambridge Analytica we use data modeling and psychographic profiling to grow audiences, identify key influencers, and connect with people in ways that move them to action. Our unique data sets and unparalleled modeling techniques help organizations across America build better relationships with their target audience across all media platforms.


Our product set lets you control every aspect of your audience engagement by building crucial information flows and behavioral connections


Our comprehensive range of analytics and engagement services are proven game changers that deliver smart solutions and produce real results

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We�re always interested in hearing from people at all levels who think they have something unique to add to the Cambridge Analytica team.

Digital Designer USA

Become an integral part of the Alexandria USA based creative department for Cambridge Analytica.

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At Cambridge Analytica we combine commercial and public big-data sets with large-scale quantitative research to predict everything from whether people are likely to vote through to what products and services they are most likely to buy.

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Data Engineer

We�re looking for an experienced Data Engineer to join our team, working across a range of commercial and political projects.

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Data Scientist

We�re looking for an experienced Data Scientist to join our team, working across our research and data modeling projects.

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